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Industrial Lubricants


Pastes are basically lubricating greases (oils, thickeners, and additives), but with a higher proportion of thickeners and solid lubricants. Depending on the choice of additional components, they can be used in different areas of application. With our solid lubricant-containing and solid lubricant-free lubricating pastes, we deliver the right tribological solution for every application. Whether for the lubrication of components that are exposed to extreme operating temperatures, or components in heavy water and media stressed areas of application – our high-performance lubricating pastes reliably prevent friction, tribocorrosion and fretting corrosion.

Lubricating and assembly pastes with a high solid lubricant content enable an excellent lubricating and separating effect even under extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Thanks to their extremely good media resistance, they build up water and steam-resistant lubricating film and reliably protect against tribocorrosion. Pastes are often used for starting and running-in lubrication of chucks, joints, slide bearings, pins, bolts, and bushes as well as for assembling and disassembling screw connections that are difficult to loosen again after high-temperature loads