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+971 4 3384466, +971 54 9984440-1
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Industrial Lubricants


The LUBCON lubricating and cleaning sprays enable quick, clean and economical lubrication of all main maintenance and service areas.

The extensive range of sprays from LUBCON includes high-performance greases, oils, pastes, bonded coatings, silicone sprays, release agents and adhesive lubricants, which are designed for all areas of application in industry. Whether for loosening rusted screws, for lubrication, coating, cleaning and maintenance of components – we have the right lubricating spray.

Sprays are a clean and efficient solution for the selective or large-area application of lubricating greases or oils. By spray application, components are coated with a fine lubricating film. This avoids contamination of the lubricant, which can result from the manual application with a brush. Lubricant sprays are an excellent aid for assembly, maintenance, and repair, especially in hard-to-reach areas.