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Industrial Lubricants

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Whether used at processing machines, robots, or transport chains – lubricants are applied at all production steps within automotive production. While some components such as bearings are often lubricated for life, others have to be relubricated on a regular basis. However, manual lubrication is not always an appropriate solution. On the one hand, not all lubrication points are easy to access, on the other hand, manual lubrication often leads to inadequate lubrication or over lubrication. Both are frequent reasons for the premature failure of machine components.

Continuous and sufficient lubrication with an appropriate lubricant is essential for long service life and the reliability of machine components. Automatic lubrication units supply the optimum lubrication quantity at the right time to the lubrication point. Thus, maintenance and servicing costs are effectively reduced and an accidental mixing up of incompatible products is avoided