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LUBCON has been developing high-quality special lubricants for various industrial sectors for over 35 years

Lubcon & AGT

As a global manufacturer of specialty lubricants, LUBRICANT CONSULT GmbH develops, produces, and sells high-quality greases, oils, pastes, and sprays for almost all industrial sectors and manufacturing sectors. The family company was founded under the brand name “LUBCON®” in 1980 and today has a dense sales network globally. The high degree of specialization and flexible development activities are, in addition to the first-class products, reasons for the steadily growing success and the establishment of the LUBCON brand on the global markets

AGT Lubricants Trading Company is the sole distributor and agent in UAE for the worldwide operating lubricant manufacturing company LUBRICANT CONSULT GMBH.  Our engagement with the technical experts in the company assist and support customers to select the appropriate product for the specific application


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