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+971 4 3384466, +971 54 9984440-1
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Industrial Lubricants


LUBCON offers a wide range of lubricating oils with exceptional creep and wetting properties that are tailored to the requirements during the manufacturing process.

In addition to the classic mineral oils, we offer a wide range of high-performance synthetic oils that are geared towards the requirements of modern production processes. Our product range includes, among other things, high or low-temperature oils, water, and media-resistant, particularly pressure-stable or creep-capable oils for almost all areas of application. From H1-approved oils for the food industry to biodegradable fluids for environmentally sensitive areas such as the rail industry, we have the right oil for your application.

When contact surfaces rub against each other, heat and wear arise. Lubricating oils have been used for thousands of years to curb the friction at the contact points. Due to their good creep and wetting properties, they form a stable sliding film and distribute the load on the contact surfaces. As a result, they not only ensure the necessary heat dissipation but also significantly reduce friction and wear. While mineral oils have so far been sufficient for the lubrication of machine parts, modern manufacturing processes require resilient lubricating oils that can withstand the ever-increasing utilization of machine capacities and their components. You can therefore rely on the expertise of LUBCON’s specialists when choosing a lubricant.